6 Black Male Food Bloggers You Should Follow

Food blogging is more than just a female-dominated industry. Are you following these Black male food bloggers? You should.

Black food bloggers are popping up on the internet almost every day, it seems. Though the majority are women, there are a few noteworthy male food bloggers that are making things happen in the kitchen and sharing their restaurant reviews with the world. Let us introduce you to a few of them now:

Nick from The Bite Life

The Bite Life fuses hip hop, pop culture, and food together. You can find Nick out and about talking about how amazing lemon pepper wings are at strip clubs or finding local Black-owned restaurants to support. Make sure to follow him on Twitter and on Instagram.

Kwame from Askwame

Go to Kwame to find out what is going on in Atlanta. He knows about all of the best events and restaurants in the area. He got his start on Yelp but eventually took his talents to his own domain, Askwame. Make sure you follow him on Instagram.

Aaron from The Hungry Hutch

Food writer Aaron has written for some of the nation’s most renowned food publications, but he always brings it back to his blog, The Hungry Hutch. Follow him on Instagram to see his creations or whatever tastiness he’s getting himself into.

Starex from The Hungry Black Man

He is a “food personality” known for traveling around and finding great restaurants, especially those that are Black-owned. His blog chronicles those experiences. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

Derrick from The Worthey Life

Derrick and his wife Tatanisha run This Worthey Life, a lifestyle blog that is good for the entire family. He often shares great recipes, like this bluebarb mocktail that anyone could enjoy. Make sure to follow them on Instagram and follow him on his personal account, too.

Aaron from My Culinary Window

Aaron’s love of food and photography is the reason why My Culinary Window exists. Based in Chicago, Aaron aims to help restaurants and food businesses one photo at a time. Follow him on Instagram, too.

Are we missing any? Tell us about your favorite Black male food bloggers in the comments below.