3 Things to Know About Jamaican Restauranteur Marva Layne

Did you know that New York and Atlanta's Negril Village owner is a Jamaican woman with years of entrepreneurial experience?

If you’ve visited Atlanta, you might have gone to Negril Village, a Caribbean restaurant in Midtown. Or if you’re from New York, you’ve probably heard of Negril in New York, which is the sister restaurant to the Atlanta location. But do you know Marva Layne? Layne is owner and founder of both restaurants and has a long history in the restaurant game. There isn’t a lot of information about her on the Internet, but what we did find is inspiring. Let’s get to know her, shall we?

1. Layne opened her first restaurant in 1987.

About 30 years ago, Layne opened Sweetie Pie, a Jamaican pastry bakery in New York. The restaurant was open for four years. (Source)

2. In the early 90s, she opened two Caribbean restaurants.

The Jamaican-born Layne opened Island Spice in 1990 and Negril Island Spice in December 1994. (Source)

3. She works with family.

She has embarked upon all of her restaurant ventures with her husband, Carlton Hayle. She also opened both Negril Villages with her son, Sim Walker, as well. (Source)

So shoutout to Marva Layne, a restauranteur with longevity and success.