Let Eboneats be the spot for your online advertising. Eboneats has something available for most budgets and advertising needs.

Featured Listings

Let your listing stand out by paying for featured placement. This labels your listing as featured within searches, thus allowing your brand to stand out.

Site Banner Ads

Place banner ads within the Eboneats website that link back to your listing, Facebook page, or website. Banners can be placed on the Eboneats home page and/or on the right sidebar on all listing pages. We can also create an ad for you for an additional cost if you do not have one already designed.

Sponsored Blog PostS

Write a blog post centered around your business, an upcoming event, or something food-related to enforce your brand. Or let us write on your behalf about a topic of your choice. After a successful brainstorming session, we will figure out what to write that’ll represent your brand in the best light. We will link to your listing, website, and list other contact details.

Social Media Placement

Share with us the details of your business/listing and we will share it on our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). We can create one or several posts that’ll be shared on our accounts.


To place your advertisement or for more information, email ads@eboneats.com.